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Note: Things are a bit of a mess with SO much content to add. Let me know if you have problems, or there is a particular area you'd like to see prioritized. 

June 2019

It's a busy month for me, so updates will be sporadic. My radio room is being moved into some new digs soon which let me focus on photographing my personal collection. 


15-Jun-2019 - Two Airhawk variants and updates here and there.
14-Jun-2019 - A box of nice examples is inbound from Dave Andrews Tubes. Dave is one of only a handfull of people who actively seek/buy/sell 201A tubes. In prep for their arrival with temporary pics: Silver Domino, and Arion
10-Jun-2019 - Dean Phipps Auto Stores and their 'Pace Setter' brand. Matchless Electric's La Salle updated.
01-Jun-2019 - Ranger tubes, likely by Star Square Auto Supply.
30-May-2019 - Lektrodio's Elektron tubes, with lots of pictures
28-May-2019 - Crestone has a page, attributed to Sun Radio Inc. as my best guess.
21-May-2019 - Allan Mfg Co. needed rework, and now includes both Vogue and Alltron with over a dozen images.
20-May-2019 - Cussins & Fearn Co.'s Fearnola and Imperial Merchandise Co.'s Imperial, Imperialtron, and Eurekatron brands.
19-May-2019 - A little cleanup for Empiretron. There are now over 2k images shared with sources.
18-May-2019 - Rarely attributed, the Songbird tube from W.T. Grant department stores spanned 12yrs and at least 3 variants.
17-May-2019 - Took a break and added half a dozen icons. Each created by hand aimed to represent the brand.
16-May-2019 - Another mystery added for your interest...Detectron. Absolutely no ads found except galena crystals?
15-May-2019 - Mostly done with the largest page so far, detailing FIVE brands & fourty references and pictures, all under the shady umbrella of the Radio Tube Exchange. Never before linked up, maybe not even by the 1925 FBI efforts.
10-May-2019 - Big rework of Blue Bird, adding a scarce brand Radiotune, this page will take a while.
09-May-2019 - With some careful research, I have placed Peertron tubes with National Airphone Co.
08-May-2019 - George Perryman's patent and his Perryman tubes. Over a dozen images.
07-May-2019 - Gould now has 3 brands, 3 variant pics, and over 20 references and images. A complex page
05-May-2019 - Fred W Brown's 'Nu-Tron' tube. An early tube tied to Hugo Gernsback's Experimenter Publishing Co!
04-May-2019 - Trademark research linked Lord Baltimore to Diana who was linked to Gold Seal!
03-May-2019 - Linda Electric's 'Jove' brand. Trademark research paying off. Cleartron updates.
02-May-2019 - Evidence found for Robert Herschman & Victor Mfg. starting Supertron, and I proved the link between
Blue Bird and Gem. Mastertone also added
01-May-2019 - Mayday refresh featuring two Leader brands and Phoenix Tube Co.'s 'Samson' brand.
30-Apr-2019 - the brand index got an update from my files...there are 303 brands now!
29-Apr-2019 - The Eclipse tube now has a page, though I dont know much about them I have 10 pics.
27-Apr-2019 - Boutell Store's Plato brand; Tung-Sol
26-Apr-2019 - Gamble Store brand Coronado with details
25-Apr-2019 - Updates to S.S.Kresge's Rite-Tone & Commander brands.
22-Apr-2019 - Musselman, Perryman, Standard, Electron, Sonatron, Cleartron, Continental, Concert Master, most still in progress
21-Apr-2019 - Otto Herschkowitz and his O.H. Voltron tubes
17-Apr-2019 - Added 'Grand-Tone' tubes. I've included some history and an example. Schickerling is coming along.
16-Apr-2019 - 279 brands now. I added the APCO Twin, and some primary sources of mfg tube information - good stuff. 
15-Apr-2019 - More icons, added Gould Storage Battery who made Gold Seal and Diana brands. I also linked in the Consolodated index since bots were crawling the pages anyway. e.g. all brands, mfg, and aliases for the letter 'D'
13-Apr-2019 - W.H Rowerdink & Sons and their 'Row-tron'
12-Apr-2019 - ARCO Tube Co. now has a page, but will need expansion for several variants
11-Apr-2019 - K & H Electric Co. and their many brands. Lots of icons added
09-Apr-2019 - Mozart & Musiktron tubes added. No examples found, so if you have one, mail me!
08-Apr-2019 - Aerodyn with variant added; 5 new brand icons, these have to be created by hand
07-Apr-2019 - Usona Manufacturing's Kwiklite added with 5 ads and tube pics.
06-Apr-2019 - More added to the 201 brand index, 266 now listed with lots to go; added Lincoln tubes. Actron updated.
05-Apr-2019 - Westron Products Co. and their blue Westron tube.
01-Apr-2019 - I finally found evidence for Neptune tubes.
30-Mar-2019 - American Auto Accessory Store's Chesterfield tube
28-Mar-2019 - Empire-tron and Crouch-Wilson's Claradyne added
25-Mar-2019 - Westinghouse' 201 mistake. A rarely seen tube with excellent clear markings, and ties to Moorhead Labs.
15-Mar-2019 - Moorhead Laboratories in the media. 144 images in sequential order with sources.
10-Mar-2019 - Working on Moorhead. Montgomery Ward's Trail Blazer
06-Mar-2019 - Updates to finish Chrystolite Manufacturing Co.
24-Feb-2019 - Star tubes, a rather rare mystery manufacturer with a lovely example
23-Feb-2019 - Metropolitan Electric Co. / MECO with a dozen images.
20-Feb-2019 - Tectron including Blue Ribbon is mostly done.
15-Feb-2019 - OT&T Electric is no longer a stub, with curves for the OT1A
11-Feb-2019 - Ken-Rad gets a full page of good info.
07-Feb-2019 - Computer repair set me back, but all backups were 100% and restore went fine. New updates soon.
20-Jan-2019 - Updated the index page with some new icons.
   Took a break and worked on 'decoding RCA factory codes', which will be in progress for a while
01-Jan-2019 - Defender var5 and Amplitron WD-12 added 
29-Dec-2018 - Blue Bird, Wizard, glossary updates
26-Dec-2018 - Hygrade, Hygrade-Sylvania, & Sylvania
25-Dec-2018 - Supertron with history and over a dozen pics.
21-Dec-2018 - 10 nice ads for CeCo, with stubs for their variants. Chrystolite. Happy Holidays, folks.
20-Dec-2018 - Champion Tube Works and 1st ad found for 'By Heck' brand!; lots of stub pages letters A-B
18-Dec-2018 - New York Radio Co. / Silvertron, linked Burroughs to Armstrong Electric Co., Baker-Smith Co. / Sylfan
17-Dec-2018 - Montgomery Ward / Airline, Aladdin
16-Dec-2018 - Advance
15-Dec-2018 - Pages completed with new CSS & fully linked sources: Actron, Allan Mfg / Vogue, Apex Audiotron, Apollo, Armstrong Mfg / Armor
01-Dec-2018 -  Amplitron, added  key to variant properties
30-Nov-2018 -  WLSActron
26-Nov-2018 -  Air-Tron, started RCA  uv-199
24-Nov-2018 -  Gloria
23-Nov-2018 -  GemGlotronGlobe
21-Nov-2018 -  Moorhead: Early family historyBright StarVolutronVox
19-Nov-2018 - 201 menu now responsive design
17-Nov-2018 -  Pratt Radio tube invention
16-Nov-2018 -  Le Premier
15-Nov-2018 -  UnitoneVactronVac-O-buBVictron
14-Nov-2018 -  LoudspeakerLe Clairiton
13-Nov-2018 -  Pingree Radio Service, Inc.
13-Nov-2018 -  Moorhead Laboratories Production Schedules (a peek at my spreadsheets)
13-Nov-2018 -  Premier Vacuum Tube Co.
09-Nov-2018 -  Bootleggers in the media

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