I am looking for unusual tube variants. Generally, these are brass based, tipped tubes.

If you have one old tube, a box, a truck of boxes, or a lifetime's collection; I am interested. I will give my honest appraisal of what you have, what it's worth, and may be able to offer you a price that will exceed what you get from an unknowledgable estate person who also adds 20-35% commission. 

Why not send me some pictures, and think about my generous offer? 

Contact me: 

Typical sell prices for common varieties of early tubes

UX-200, UX-200-A, UX-201-A, CX-301-A$3-5 untested, $10 tested for emissions
UV-200, C-300 untipped variants$5-10 untested, $15-20 tested for filament continuity
UV-200, C-300 tipped variants$10-15 untested, $20-25 tested for filament continuity
UV-200, C-300 tipped, pink variants$10-20 untested, $25-40 tested for filament continuity
UV-201 tipped full amp tubes$10-20 untested, $20-40 tested for filament continuity
'Detector' or 'Amplifier' tubes, tipped, non-RCA/Cunningham*wanted* $20-30 untested. email with details for a better offer
UV-201 tipped full amp tubes, amber variants$10-20 untested, $35-50 tested for filament continuity
UV-201-A, C-301-A tipped, rainbow variants$10-20 untested, $30-75 testeded for filament continuity
UV-199s, non-RCA/Cunningham, untipped*Interested*
UV-199s, non-RCA/Cunningham, tipped$10-15 untested, $15-20 tested for filament continuity
Examples of tubes/boxes used in FBI cases*wanted* - will share info with fellow collectors, please contact
Examples of experimental or prototype receiving tubes pre 1924*interested* but cant afford most of them. Still happy to give an educated and honest appraisal.

Rather than be elusive, or play the 'Don't you want to haggle?' game, the above represents my best and honest valuation of what the market is currently supporting. I have been tracking values for the last few years, and while relatively stable, more common tubes are trending slightly down, and more rare tubes slightly up. (2016-Nov 2018)

The above estimate does *not* mean I am offering these prices. Its an anchor to help folks who mistakenly think their 'RCA tipped 201-A' tube is worth $100+. I find 5-10 of these every day on eBay, most not selling for $25 buy it now prices. 

If you are sitting on a truckload of tubes not in my area of interest, I know some reputable folks who can help.

If your loved one was a fellow collector of early tubes, and it's time to find a new home for their collection - I would be humbled to review and appraise items within my area of specialty. My collection always strives to document and preserve the ownership and provenance of all items. If it weren't for private collectors, much of our history would be lost.

When my 'key goes silent', which wont be soon, I plan to bequeath my hoard of tubes & research to the Perham Collection, near my home in the San Francisco Bay area. 

For Sale:

I hope to soon post a list of tubes for sale. 

Initially, I will get some items listed with info - but without prices. If something grabs you, and you make a reasonable offer, it will be considered. Unreasonable offers may, in turn, receive unreasonable responses ;)