RCA 199 Series - Dry cell tubes

It wasnt until April 1923 that the long promised 'dry cell' uv-199 tube was released.

This article shows compares the UV-199 / UV-201 / UV-201-A tubes. Initially, these brass based, tipped tubes used 3v, 0.06amps, with a max plate voltage of 80v.

RCA UV-199 Specifications

Liberty Radio Catalog Ad for uv-199s 

1924 would be the year of the 'peanut' tube. Anything that would let Flivers tune in from their portable sets. Even the storage battery folks were getting in on the action, buying adapters that let anyone use dry cell tubes.

By the time the UV-199 made it into production, RCA was leveraging manufacturing by Westinghouse Lamp Co. as well as GE's Harrison and Cleveland plants. 

Customers had been left waiting, and the final arrival of the first tubes had sellers listing the Cunningham and Radiotron brandings side by side.

Like the 200 & 201 tubes we will try and find all the variants.

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"UV-199" key to base styles

Cunningham C-299 'arched' base Cunningham C-299 'horizontal' logo

A look at various base styles for the uv-199 series