ARCO Tube Company

ARCO Tube Company, 38-40 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA {Jan 1932}
ARCO Tube Company, 40 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA
ARCO Tube Company, 38 South Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA {Oct 1933}

First seen: 01-Jan-1929
Last seen: 01-Mar-1934

Brand(s): ARCO

ARCO is a stub while I research details. There are at least three variants of 201As, including a shielded version which was a fad that hit about 1927. 

Most advertising in newprint appears from New Castle, Pennsylvania in the second half of 1928.

ARCO variants:

{v1} Globe, short bakelite base, tipless,

Brand variant

{v1} "ARCO" "201-A" with envelope label.

ARCO shielded tubes were likely long gone before advertisements of 01A tubes in the early 1930's.

ARCO was certainly one of the last 01A tube sellers outside the surplus market. 30 cents seems as low as one could sell these tubes for without taking loses, but perhaps by then, volume made them inconsequential to make.  

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