Index of tube brands, OEMs, & manufacturers ['B']

Consolidated Brand-Mfg-Alias Index

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Baker-Smith Co. [OEM]

Barnes [brand]

Beacon Blue [brand]

Beacon Radio Mfg. Co. [OEM]

Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co. [OEM]

Belltone [brand]

Bestone [brand]

Bestone Radio Receivers & Parts [OEM]

Birk-Morton Vacuum Products Corp. [OEM]

Blue Bird [brand]

Blue Bird Lamp Co. [OEM?]

Blue Grass [brand]

Blue Ribbon [brand]

Blue Streak [brand]

B-M [brand]

Bond [brand]

Bond Electric Co. [OEM]

Bosch [brand]

Bostron [brand]

Boutell Brothers [OEM]

Bright Star Battery Co. [OEM]

Bright Star [brand]

Brown [brand]

Brown Radio Vacuum Tubes [OEM]

Buck [brand]

Burroughs [brand]

By Heck [brand]

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