Index of tube brands, OEMs, & manufacturers ['C']

Consolidated Brand-Mfg-Alias Index

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Cable Radio Co. [Mfg]

Cardon [brand]

C.A.W. Laboratories [Mfg?]

CE Mfg. Co. [Mfg]

Ce-Co [brand]

Cepek Electrical Mfg. Co. [Mfg]

Champion [brand]

Champion Lamp Co. [Mfg]

Champion Radio Tube Works [Mfg]

Chrystolite [brand]

Chrystolite Mfg. Co. [Mfg?]

Claradyne [brand]

Claritron [brand]

Clearatone [brand]

Cleartron [brand]

Coast to Coast [brand]

Columbia [brand]

Columbia Phonograph Co. [OEM?]

Comet [brand]

Commander [brand]

Concert Master [brand]

Connecticut [brand]

Connewey Electric Corp. [Mfg]

Conqueror [brand]

Continental [brand]

Continental Tube Laboratories [Mfg]

Corona [brand]

Coronado [brand]

Courier [brand]

Cowen Mfg. Co. [Mfg?]

CRA Sky Sweeper [brand]

Crescent [brand]

Crescent Co. [OEM]

Crestone [brand]

Crouch-Wilson Co. [OEM]

Crusader [brand]

Cunningham Radio Tube Co. d/b/a Audiotron Mfg Co. [Mfg, then OEM & brand]

Cussins & Fearn Co. [OEM]

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