Continental Tube Laboratories

Continental Tire Corporation, 179 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA

d/b/a Continental Tube Laboratories, 179 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA

First seen: 04-Nov-1924
Last seen: 18-Nov-1927

Brand(s): Continental, Concert Master, Supertone

Continental Tube Labs manufactured tubes under both the Continental brand, as well as the more popular Concert Master brand.

Supertone is registered by Continental Tire Corporation 15-Dec-1925, claiming use since 26-Sep-1924 - making Supertone one of their first brand efforts.

Continental is not listed in the Nov 1926 Radio Retailer Tube listings. They seem to have given up advertising in the US in 1926, though advertising in Australia then follows. This perhaps indicates that they were unable or unwilling to negotiate an RCA license. By 1927, you either had an RCA license, were involved in a lawsuit, or were out of business.

I suspect they ceased production in '26, and saw the opportunity to unload their products in Australia, and if the market sustained them, perhaps continue production. That didnt happen, and Continental tubes surfacing for Christmas 1927 were probably surplus.

I have observed at least three distinct Continental tube box designs. Concert Master details will be listed below with those variants.

Continental variants:
{v1} Globe, short bakelite base, tipless

Continental variant

{v1} "Continental" "C-201-A".

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