The Crouch-Wilson Company

The Crouch Wilson Company, 32 Broad Street, Oneonta, New York, USA
The Crouch Wilson Company, 160 Main Street, Oneonta, New York, USA {Feb 1926}

First seen: 05-Jan-1924
Last seen: 11-Oct-1930

Brand(s): Claradyne

The Claradyne brand began, as many did, as a radio set. The Crouch-Wilson company manufactured these sets, as well as distributed radios from Freshman. Lee D. Crouch took over the radio department of the business in Feb 1926. Claradyne tubes do not appear to have been specifically marketed, and were likely created to be supplied with Claradyne sets.

It appears that Claradyne was primarily advertised in the local Oneonta paper. Given that Crouch continued to sell Claradyne sets into early 1930, using A/C screen grid tubes; the blue Claradyne tubes were likely paired with sets sold between 1926-1928.

Claradyne variants:

{v1} Globe (s-14), short bakelite base, tipless, foil envelope label, blue envelope glass

Claradyne 201A  
Claradyne variant

{v1} "Claradyne" "201A" with foil envelope label.[1]

What information I could find details the company's radio production. None of the 'included tubes' are detailed by brand in their advertisements.

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