Cunningham Radio Tube Co.

d/b/a Audiotron Mfg. Co.

E.T. Cunningham Inc., 370 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY, USA {by Nov-1928}

In 1920 E.J Cunningham negotiated an incredible deal. First pick of tubes, packaged as if made by Cunningham, ready to sell, in exchange for no longer competing with RCA. 

What made Cunningham so special that they avoided the default 'crushing legal suit' that RCA so effectively employed against other companies - many other companies?

Documenting the history of Cunningham Radio tubes will take a while. I have, until then, stubbed out pages to share photo evidence from my collection.

Cunningham C-300 Winged plate detectors {under construction}

Cunningham C-301 Winged plate amplifiers {under construction}

Cunningham C-301-A Large plate amplifiers {under construction}

Cunningham CX-301-A Bakelite base amplifiers {under construction}

Cunningham Radio Tube Boxes

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