H & H Radio Company

H&H Radio Company, Clinton Hill Station, Post Office Box 22, Newark, New Jersey, USA

H&H used Box 22, 22a, Dept 102, & 104 interchangeably in their advertising

First seen: 08-Aug-1923
Last seen: 01-Dec-1924

Brand(s): Air-Tron

Air-Tron variants:

Detector examples (are these repaired UV-200s?):

{v1} "Air-Tron" "UV-500"; Globe, tipped (s-14); 5v, 1/4 ampbrass based; small box platestem: unmarked

{v2} "Air-Tron" ???, Globe, untipped (s-14); 5v, 1/4 amp; bakelite based; variant assumed based on advertising 

Air-Tron UV-500 detector tube
{v1} Air-Tron UV-500
Air-Tron UV-500 plate view
Air-Tron UV-500 stem detail
Air-Tron UV-500 base detail 1
Air-Tron UV-500 base detail 2
{v1} "Air-Tron" "UV-500" tipped with sm. box plate.

Until late 1924, there are few specific mentions of 'Air-Tron' brand tubes, but we can trace backwards the street addresses used to link earlier advertising for the 'manufacturer'. All indications from evidence suggest that H&H Radio Company was not actually making 'Air-Tron' tubes, as much as they were rebranding repaired tubes, relabelled 'Air-Tron'

H&H Radio Co. tube repair ad[2]

September through December of 1924 saw H&H radio company pushing a branded tube, the 'Air-Tron'. Advertising has been found in Radio World, Radio News, and Popular Radio. The above two ads are from Radio Digest, 1923.

H&H Radio's first 'Air-Tron' ad

Air-Tron's ad in Radio World, 20-Sep-1924, suggests they were selling a full range of tubes, as they could if they were rebranding repairs!

Air-Tron briefly uses tipless tubes Dec 1924 Popular Radio ad - Last Air-Tron found

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