James H Konkle

James H Konkle, 192 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA 

First seen: 28-Feb-1925
Last seen: 30-May-1925

Brand(s): Loudspeaker

James H Konkle appears to be an enterprising individual who had direct access to the OEM craziness that was going on in late 1924. I find a few references to his 'Loud Speaker' tubes, though I have never encountered one in my searches.

Their mail order 'C.O.D.' approach was common for small tube makers, and in fact common for lots of things in those days. Perhaps they could buy boxes of 20 or 50 tubes at a time, rubber stamping and boxing their own products. If orders didnt arrive, no more were purchased. Orders might trickle in for years; but because no money was exchanged, the manufacturer could ignore any order it couldnt fill.
Loudspeaker variants:

{v1} Globe, short bakelite base, tipless

Brand variant

{v1} "Loudspeaker" variant.

March of 1925 seems late to introduce a brass based, tipped tube. Maybe Mr. Konkle made his business from the purchase of recently 'obsoleted' tubes when tipless then bakelite became the latest.

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