Index of tube brands, OEMs, & manufacturers ['M']

Consolidated Brand-Mfg-Alias Index

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Magnatron [brand]

Magnatron Corp. [MFG]

Majestic [brand]

Manhattan Lamp Works [MFG]

Marathon [brand]

Marks [brand]

Marvin [brand]

Marvin Radio Tube Corp. [MFG]

Masterbilt [brand]

Masterbilt Radio Tubes [OEM]

Mastertone [brand]

Mastertone Radio Co. [OEM]

Matchless Electric Co. [OEM]

MECO [brand]

Mello-tron [brand]

Melophonic [brand]

Melotone [brand]

Mercury [brand]

Meteor [brand]

Metropolitan Electric Co. [OEM?]

Miller-Wilkenson Inc. [OEM]

Milo [brand]

Monotron [brand]

Mongomery Ward Co. [OEM]

Mozart [brand]

Munder Electric Co. [MFG]

Murdon [brand]

Music Master [brand]

Musiktron [brand]

Musselman [brand]

Musselman, A.J. [Mfg]

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