Nagell's Hardware & Paint

Nagell's Hardware, 625 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

First seen: 08-Nov-1925
Last seen: 26-Jan-1926

Brand(s): Gloria

Nagell's tube supplier is unknown.

Nagell's Hardware appears in newsprint as early as 5-Jun-1922, selling Radio equipment. As radio tube branding became more readily available, Nagell's got into the tube business with their store brand 'Gloria'

Advertising suggests that only UX-201A, and UX-199 variants were offered. 

OEM branded tubes might be purchased in batches of 500-1000 tubes, and so would not be reordered until sold. The market of 1926 was particularly flooded with store brand 201A tubes

Gloria tubes Nov 1925 ad
Nagell's Guaranteed Gloria tubes
Gloria tubes ad Jan 1926

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