Neptune Radio Tubes

Neptune, ?, USA

Perhaps located in New York City.

First seen: 06-Oct-1929
Last seen: 27-Oct-1929

Brand(s): Neptune

Neptune tubes appear to be a brand popping up October 1929, just before the RCA suits settled down. Many mergers occured and several companies closed.

Neptune seems to only advertise in New York City during a period of tube clearances, along side Marvin tubes. This suggests that they originated as a brand produced by one of the companies that formed Marvin. They had the unfortunate timing of selling tubes just before the stock market crash of '29.

The tube would not use an ST envelope in late 1929. We can assume tipless, using short bakelite bases at this point.

Neptune variants:

{v1} Globe, short bakelite base, tipless {assumed as no examples seen}

No Image Available

{v1} "Neptune" "201A" has not yet been seen.

Neptune Radio Company is a possibility as the brand originator, but no evidence has been found. 

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