Nu-Tron Radio Corp.

Nu-Tron Radio Corporation, 725 Main Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, USA {Oct 1924}

First seen: 22-Nov-1923
Last seen: 29-Jan-1929

Brand(s): Nu-Tron

Very early to market, Fred Willard Brown, d/b/a Nu-Tron Radio Corp. registered the company trademark on 19-Feb-1924, claiming use since 22-Nov-1923

Nu-Tron variants:

{v1} Globe, brass base, tipped, ink stamped base

Nu-Tron variant

{v1} "Nu-Tron" "201A" .

It looks like Fred Willard Brown, b. 1872, of Stuebenville Ohio, got himself into a bit of a legal situation. With the exception of registering their trademark, bad press seems to have initiated the introduction of Nu-Tron tubes. We see so little advertising of their products that you cant help but wonder if the advertisements were placed more to satisfy investors than to promote business.

Research needs to be done into the claimed 'radio tube patent' held by inventor James Gelsey of Steubenville, Ohio.

The earliest article on the company gives lots of detail, including the statement that the tubes are "manufactured at a factor in Cleveland, Ohio."

Researching the 'Solodyne' circuit mentioned in the 'Radio In the Home' advertisement, I found the 'Solodyne' trademark registration. Instead of Fred Brown, we find 'Experimenter Publishing Co.' doing business as Nutron Manufacturing Co.!

Experimenter Publishing Co. was run by Hugo Gernsback in various capacities. In Feb 1926, they changed from 'The Experimenter' to 'Science & Invention' magazine, and Gernsback was preparing to launch 'Amazing Stories' in April that year.

How and exactly when did Fred Brown's ownership of Nutron Radio Corp change to 'Experimenter Publishing'?  We see Hugo promoting the Nutron/Solodyne circuit since it's inception in Aug 1924.

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