Otto Herschkowitz

Otto Herschkowitz, 92-93 Branford Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA

d/b/a Ajax Radio Corp., Newark, New Jersey, USA {12-May-1923}
d/b/a Voltron Manufacturing Co., 92 Branford Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA {May 1924}
d/b/a O. Herschkowitz, 92 Branford Place, Newark, New Jersey, USA {Dec 1924}

Voltron Manufacturing Company, Newark, NJ, officially formed 05-Apr-1925
by Otto & Pauline Herschkowitz, Harry Bliwise; all of Newark

First seen: 09-Feb-1924
Last seen: 05-Apr-1925

Brand(s): Voltron

In researching Voltron, one cant help but stumble across references from the life of Otto Herschkowitz. Some are included to give context to his tube business.


Voltron variants:

{v1} Globe, brass base, ceramic insert, tipped, ink-stamped base 'Voltron'

Voltron variant

{v1} "Voltron" "501-A" with tip and ink-stamped base.

Otto Herschkowitz was a man involved in many things, and it will take some digging to be sure I can properly tell if his Voltron brand was 'reworked' through distribution channels or through an outright sale. 

At the New Jersey meeting to stabilize the Radio Industry, Otto was doing business as Ajax Radio Corporation. Soon after he was doing business as Voltron or using his own name. Mr. Herschkowitz is one of the men in the below photograph.

Legal issues arose, and it's possible that Mr. Herschkowitz was also involved with the famout O.T&T brand that defrauded Deforest.

The brand surfaces under the MacLaren Mfg. Co. in 1926, then tube manufacturer K-H Electric by Nov 1927. I suspect he sold or abandoned the brand after his legal woes, he had many other ventures keeping him busy, and he certainly must have had other financial means beyond the sale of tubes.

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