Index of tube brands, OEMs, & manufacturers ['S']

Consolidated Brand-Mfg-Alias Index

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Samson [brand]

Schickerling [brand]

Sea-Gull [brand]

Sears Roebuck & Co. [OEM]

Serlin & Co. [OEM]

Shamrock Mfg. Co. [OEM]

Shamrock [brand]

Shelby Tube Mfg. Co. [Mfg?]

Silver Domino [brand]

Silver Shield [brand]

Silvertone [brand]

Silvertron [brand]

Simplex [brand]

Sky Sweeper See CRA Sky Sweeper

Solar [brand]

Solartron [brand]

Sonatron [brand]

Sonatron Tube Co. [Mfg]

Songbird [brand]

Sovereign [brand]

Sparks-Withington Co. [Mfg]

Sparton [brand]

Speed [brand]

S. S. Kresge Co. [OEM]

Standard [brand]

Star [brand]

Star Square Auto Supply Co. [OEM]

Sterling [brand]

Strongson [brand]

Strong-Tone [brand]

Summit Radio Co. [OEM]

Sun [brand]

Sun Radio, Inc. [OEM]

Sunlight - see 'Crusader'

Sunlight Lamp Co. [Mfg]

Supercraft [brand]

Supercraft Products Corp. [Mfg]

Superior [brand]

Superior Radio Co. [Mfg]

SuperTone [brand]

Supertron [brand]

Supertron Mfg Co. [Mfg]

Sylfan [brand]

Sylfan Blue [brand]

Sylvania [brand]

Sylvania Products Co. [Mfg]

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