Sparks - Withington Co.

First seen: 07-Jun-1928
Last seen: 27-Jan-1935

Brand(s): Cardon, Sparks-Withington

The Sparks - Withington Co. is a good example of over-reach in the radio industry at the worst possible time.

Shortly before Nov 1930, Sparks-Withington purchased 'Cardon-Phonograph Corporation', maker of 'Cardon' brand tubes.

It's likely that they contracted Cardon-Phonograph to make their line of 401/484 tubes and decided to buy the company in order to make changes and expand it's operations. Larger Cardon tubes are notoriously fragile in their internal construction, and I suspect the return/fail rates were terribly high.

Their 201A equivalent was the 401; rarely used that way, as their tubes were designed with side pin connection, an obsolete way to connect filament voltage the moment it was released. The AC tube would stomp the late design changes in filament wiring, and these sets were isolated along with sets using McCullough tubes.

Cardon Phonograph appears out of thin air September 1929, when their unregulated stock begins to be sold.

As more information is found about Cardon-Phonograph's production facility I will update this page.

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