Star tubes

Made by an unknown manufacturer, likely in New Jersey.

First seen: 08-Nov-1924
Last seen: 28-Oct-1927

Brand(s): Star

Figuring out who made 'Star' brand tubes has proven to be very ellusive.

They appear in a few hub cities like Brooklyn and Baltimore, sold in Auto supply stores. 

Suddenly a deal must have been made, as Ernest Marlow of Asbury Park, NJ launches his 'Marlodyne' 5 tube set paired with Star tubes. I dont think his set sold as well as he hoped.

A few months later, as more and more brand competition appeared, and prices fell for the 201A, Star brand tubes appear in San Francisco, Several Iowa cities, and St Louis. Christmas 1925 gives us the only known advertising art for the Star tube box.

We see the last mentions of Star tubes in the fall of 1927.

Star variants:

{v1} Globe, UV short bakelite base, tipless, base label with star emblem

Brand variant

{v1} "Star" "Type 201-A" with base label. [1]


Whoever was making Star tubes went out of their way to keep a low profile. There is no indication of the tube maker, tube maker location, or even a box manufacturing mark; the tube itself is nondescript, using a cheap UV base and the label is very prone to be damaged when the tube is socketed. Add this up, and you have a scarce tube rarely identified without it's box, with cosmetic label condition key to the tube's value. If there was a datasheet for Star tubes, it would be of great interest to the author. None was present in my example.


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