Index of tube brands, OEMs, & manufacturers ['V']

Consolidated Brand-Mfg-Alias Index

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Vac-O-buB [brand]

Vactron [brand]

Vacutron [brand]

Van Dyke [brand]

Van Horne [brand]

Veby [brand]

Venus [brand]

Vesta [brand]

Victor [brand]

Victor Mfg. Co. [Mfg]

Victron [brand]

Viking [brand]

Vogue [brand]

Voltron aka O.H. Voltron [brand]

Voltron (#2) [brand]

Volutron [brand]

Vosburgh Lamp Co. [Mfg]

Vox [brand]

It is believed that 'Vultron' and 'Valutron' are actually typos in advertising for Voltron and Volutron. ~cb

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