First seen: 11-Jul-1922
Last seen: 08-Feb-1924

Brand(s): Vac-O-buB

These horizonal plate tubes were produced for some time, but remain a mystery as to who made them.

I include here my hypothesis that they were made by the Vosburgh Lamp Company.

These fetch unusually high prices in the collectible market, with high asking prices of $1-300 for display tubes!

I suspected that the company behind the manufacture of the 'Vac-O-buB' 4v tube was the W.C. Vosburgh Lamp Company, 285 Valley Road, West Orange, New Jersey.

Vosburgh quietly acquired an RCA license in 1926, and was sold to Hygrade Lamps in 1928 just before the Sylvania merger.

Since before 1915, Vosburgh had produced Nitrogen filled Mazda lamps, most using the G-12 envelope size.

Normally this would not be enough to attribute the manufacturer, but one piece of evidence links them, even if circumstancial.

Vosburgh's main brand was Vac-O-raY, making it very likely that this is the source of the very strange name Vac-O-buB.

However... a broad survey of advertising in newsprint of the time shows these heavily concentrated around Kansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

I'm aware of bootleggers avoiding sales in the town of manufacture, but in this case, we have tubes that are clearly TM style plate construction

Detector models were clear, where amplifiers were a deep golden color due to the getter material used

Vosburgh Vac-O-ray brand  

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