Venus Radio Corporation

142 Liberty Street, New York, NY

First seen: 02-Jan-1926
Last seen:

Brand(s): Venus

{v1} Globe (s-14); short UX bakelite base, engraved "Venus" "201A", tipless envelope, magnesium getter

Venus 201A
Venus 201A variant
Venus 201-A base view 1
Venus 201-A base view 2

{v3} "Venus" "201A" with short engraved base.


The links between companies and advertising often have to be made with 'fuzzy' matching logic.

In the case of Venus Radio Corporation, a notice of the new company is found in Radio World, 1-Aug-1925, pg23; 'S. and G. Angstreich' demonstrates how important to use fuzzy logic.
This is actually "Sol Angstreich" who we find later distributing a line of WEB condensers.. 'Venus' is too general a search term to find good matches.
This next match gives is an address.

ByJan 1926, Venus Radio Corp was advertising their new tubes. Note the address change: this was the address of Bruno Radio Corp., who may have been using their address, or who knows? We see Bruno also under B.C.L. next door.

note: no variants with label like the one in the advertisement have been found. 

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