Vesta Battery Corporation

Vesta Battery Corporation, 2100 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

First seen: 07-Jun-1928
Last seen: 27-Jan-1935

Brand(s): Vesta

In the mid 1920's, everyone with a 'brand' wanted a radio tube with their brand on it. Battery companies were early to the radio game, and so had strong incentives to find products to supplement sales.

Founded by Allen Poindexter in early 1922 as the Poindexter Battery Company, Vesta was a well established brand in Storage batteries by 1923. It seems the company only offered tubes for about a year, starting in fall of 1926, with Vesta tubes hitting clearance houses by spring of 1928.

Vesta Battery surely did not manufacture tubes, but was an OEM of an unknown manufacturer.

Variants include: 

  • UnconfirmedNo examples of 'detector only' tube models we made. 
  • {v1} Globe (s-14) "Vesta" tall bakelite tube bases, engraved, tipless envelopes, magnesium getter

Additionally, there were X-199, and X-171 tubes made. It's likely the 171 tubes are very scarce, given that they were new at the time of the companies exit from selling branded tubes.

Vesta Brand 201 Variants:

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