Late A-P Triodes

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The original incarnation of the Atlantic-Pacific Sales Company started in August of 1923.

They were temporarily closed in February 1925, and were purchased by Q.R.S. in July of 1925. 

The tubes manufactured under the A-P name couldn't have been in high numbers. Bill Condon references the complete absence of advertising, which likely means they were trying to survive through distribution channels and retail contracts. The old days of run an ad, and send them C.O.D. were gone, and competition was now rampant with a sea of fly by night companies selling rubber stamped tubes.

As far as I know, the below is one of the only advertisements for A-P "Two-in-One" triodes, and being from the San Francisco Chronicle, we can safely assume that I.S. Cohen's Sons made an early deal with Shaw and his new tube company.


Further advertising has not been found.
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